Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Rasmussen Christmas Party

We had our Rasmussen Family Christmas Party this Saturday - and it was ALL day long but we did some really cool things.  We started the day at 900am at Sunrise Nursing Home where we performed a Christmas program for the residents there and for Aunt Allie. Note in the pictures Myles played a trombone solo.  Also, there is a picture of Aunt Allie, Devaney and I.  Then we went to the Hyrum (not logan where some of us were wandering around lost trying to find the address mom gave us) Humanitarian center to do another service project.  It was great because there was a variety of things for people to do - I tied a baby quilt ALL BY MYSELF (haha, I kept teasing Andrea, Sterling and Lindsay that I was better because I tied a whole quilt by myself and beat them - but they were tying a big queen size quilt), Danica and Lindsay Ann sewed the shell for balls for kids, the little kids stuffed the ball, Miriam, Tim and Lynnaea worked on making hats, Jared, Myles and cowen sanded and oiled wooden toys for kids.  It was really cool.  And I felt like it helped me to get in the Christmas spirit of giving and serving.  Wyatt and Dad were at the church in charge of all the baby kids at the church. Dad saved Ruth's life there - she tried to eat a plastic ball on a string and was choking. Dad saw her and pulled the string and out came the ball.  Then we went to the church and ate yummy soups and mom's home made bread and my cool reindeer cupcakes and played games.  It was a most fun and rewarding day. PS there is also a picture of Devaney and Willow - and that has been a most rewarding thing about having a dog indoors - Devaney LOVES her.  She rolls on her, lays on her, uses her for a pillow while she is reading her books and Willow loves Devaney and allows her to maul her.  They are so cute together.  
 Merry Christmas to all!!!!